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Welcome to the 2015-2016 School Year!


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  Lana Funderburk, Media Coordinator

  Pat Brewer, Media Assistant

A Makerspace is simply an area where students can create - a DIY space where students can use their imaginations and talents.  Our Makerspace will include technology such as the 3D printer, but it will also house hands-on materials.  Students may use the area to work on projects, such as the Genius Hour in 7th grade social studies or an assignment for the STEM class.


Teachers may sign up to use the space with a class, or individual students may come with permission during the school day.


For more information, check out these sites:

A Makerspace is on its way!

Policies & Procedures 


  • Check out 3 books for a 2-week period
  • Renew twice
  • E-Books are in addition to 3 print books
  • Magazines are for reading in media center only but outdated ones are given away on request
  • Calculators may be checked out and kept until the end of the year
  • No cutting through the media center


  • Check out materials for as long as needed
  • Check out equipment daily (digital camera, portable DVD drive, DVD player)
  • Sign up for media center space through calendar link
  • If sending small groups of students to check out or test, please call ahead
  • Remember the media center is a multi-purpose space, so we may need to adjust according to the situation

Check out the media center webpage!


Resources to enhance your instruction and student learning!


Digital Cameras (please let us know a day ahead of time, if possible)


FLIP Video Cameras


Document Cameras


iPod Cart




GPS Devices (Class Set)


Science Kits




Books. We can pull what you need to use in your classroom for a lesson or unit.




Text Sets. Give us a subject and we will pull together print and digital resources, and realia, if available.


Desktop Computers.  If your students do not have access to a Chromebook, they may use the desktops in the media center to complete assignments.  One computer is set to print.

Databases are a perfect way to allow your students to research in a controlled environment that is safe and efficient.  Students access credible, primary sources and citations are provided from them.  If you incorporate the use of any database, I will gladly guide your students through the process.  All you have to do is ASK!

*Passwords should not be posted online (available to the public)*

Let me help you!

NC Wise Info

Copyright, Plagiarism & Digital Literacy 

Require students to cite their sources - websites, books, images. Fair use allows leniency in student work, but students must be in the habit of citing sources.  Remember, I will be happy to remind them when you begin a new project!
When using a presentation in your instruction, cite your sources.  It can be a slide at the end.  Show the importance.  Remember, also, that Union County requires us to insert a statement that we are following fair use laws in all presentations.
Be mindful of copyright when making copies from workbooks, when creating bulletin boards and when posting to your Moodle sites.

Your Responsibility in the Classroom

Our students are digital natives - they have grown up with technology at their fingertips.  Knowing how to use the technology is usually not an issue for them, but knowing how to use it responsibly and safely is vital.  That is why digital literacy is a part of every teacher's evaluation. Are you a good role model? 

A Few Tips:

  • Password Protect Moodle Sites
  • Search for Google images under "free to use or share" license
  • Use Creative Commons
  • Assume EVERYTHING is under copyright law unless otherwise noted




WPDM is open to 8th graders, and students are chosen based on an application and teacher recommendations. In the 2015-2o16 school year, there will be 35 students involved. Thank you, 8th grade teachers, for allowing these students to be a part.  If you have a concern with any student, please let me know. 


While we receive information and announcements in a variety of ways, the live broadcast is important to those who work on it and to the students who listen.  It builds a sense of community, knowing that the entire school is hearing the same announcement at the same time.  Also, it is a requirement that we allow time for the Pledge of Allegiance and that we provide a moment of silence for students.


This year, an administrator will address students and teachers EVERY morning as we prepare for the day.  Be sure to tune your televisions to channel 16 by 8:15. Announcements will be kept brief.  Scrolling announcements will include all announcements, and the slides can be accessed through the school website.


The yearbook staff is chosen from the members of WPDM, and students meet after school.  You may see them out taking pictures at special events or throughout the school day.  Please let us know if you have moments in your classroom that need to be photographed.


All clubs will be pictured on Lifetouch's club picture day on DECEMBER 16. Any spring clubs or sports will be taken later.  Teachers are pictured in groups for the yearbook, but you are able to have your picture taken with the students in the fall, if you wish.


Yearbook sales begin online. School sales will be in May.  Please encourage students to order online.  Ordering online allows parents to purchase extras such as a name stamp, covers, pens and more!